Discovering the medieval village of Erice

Discovering the medieval village of Erice

The promontory of Trapani is dominated by Erice, perched on the top of the homonymous mountain. This place seems to have captured time to make it motionless.

Far from mass tourism, consecrated to silence and contemplation, Erice astounds the visitor with the quiet splendour of its details, in the presence of prodigious natural scenery.

An incomparable natural terrace, where the view opens out over the Mediterranean and the whole of western Sicily. The urban layout is triangular in shape, enclosed by ancient Roman walls on which imposing towers, and three Norman gates, stand.

In the perfectly preserved medieval village, the houses, the flowery courtyards, the cobblestone streets, stretch out over the landscape, on the rocks, among the trees. Inhabited over the centuries by thriving civilizations, Erice holds an impressive variety of architectural treasures.

There are over 60 churches in the town, including the Norman church of San Giuliano, dating back to the 11th century, and the Mother Church (also known as the Matrice), with its majestic Gothic portal and rich in artistic works.

The majestic Castle of Venus dates back to the 12th century, built on one of the town's most scenic spots, where the sanctuary of Venus Ericina once stood. Since the time of its foundation, which is lost in myth, the town has in fact been dedicated to the cult of Venus, symbol of love and prosperity.

Thus Erice is suspended, between the sacred and the profane, between the clouds and the sea.